How To Reset A Merkury Smart Bulb

Smart bulbs are a blessing of the modern age and just a few decades ago people would not have imagined the idea of controlling a light bulb remotely. But we’ve noticed that even the best of the best techies don’t know how to reset a merkury smart bulb, so we’ve written a detailed post for you that covers all you need to know. 

Even today the smart bulb technology might seem super expensive, but companies like Walmart sell merkury smart LEDs just for $19.98. So, now smart LED bulbs are an affordable way to bring vibrant and colorful décor in the room. 

And for most people, a smart bulb turns out to be their first step into the automated high-tech world of smart home technology.

How To Reset A Merkury Smart Bulb
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And of course, these are amazing introductions to smart home tech as they are easy to use and install. Factory resetting might be a bit tricky as most manufacturers have their own little neat technique of doing it.

 For most part these smart bulbs tend to work without a hitch but if you own a smart bulb, you are ought to get it reset every once in a blue moon. So, learning the process of factory resetting the smart bulb is very important for the owners.

Why Would I Need a Factory Reset on A Merkury Smart Bulb?

Smart bulbs normally run seamlessly. They connect to the user’s phone via WIFI and don’t require much effort to run. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a smart bulb, its sole purpose is to make the lighting effortless. Before answering how to reset a merkury smart bulb, users might want to know the reason as to why these bulbs might need a reset. And here is what we found out:

  • Electrical power cut might confuse the chip inside
  • Continuous electricity flickering 
  • Loss of connectivity with the Geeni app
  • Not being used for a long period

If there is a disruption then the bulb lets the user know by blinking and this blinking can be rapid or it might be slow blinks. Either way, a smart bulb user should know how to reset a merkury smart bulb on their own.

Things You Will Need to Reset a Merkury Smart Bulb

Resetting the bulb should not be a hassle and you won’t need anything you don’t have at your home. However, each smart bulb has its own different technique. Each smart bulb manufacturer has their own little technique of resetting the bulb. 

Wiimote, Philips, GE link have different techniques of doing it. This article will detail how to reset a merkury light bulb. And to do that you will need:

  • Stable WIFI connection
  • A smart phone with the geeni app

And that’s about it. That is all you will need to factory reset the merkury bulb. You don’t need any fancy tech like a smart hub or anything to reset your merkury bulb.

How To Reset A Merkury Smart Bulb
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How to Reset a Merkury Smart Bulb Step by Step Guide

Make sure you have WIFI and your phone nearby to connect with the bulb after resetting. Make sure there is no spillage that could short circuit the connections. Safety first!

Before you start with resetting the bulb make sure you follow all safety procedures and with all of that out of the way, it’s time to get started with a set by step guide on how to reset a merkury smart bulb.

Step 1: Screw the Bulb in And Turn the Power On

Resetting a Merkury bulb is easy. The Merkury bulb should have a screw on the side to manually turn it off and on. This screw will help you control the power directly to the bulb. 

Just make sure that the bulb has power and turn it on. Then we can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Turn the Bulb Off and On Three Times

In this step of how to reset a merkury smart bulb, we will be turning the bulb off and on at one to two second intervals to reset the bulb. You will need to do this 3 times to reset your bulb.

If your merkury bulb is not blinking like that, you probably messed up the timing in this step. Don’t worry! This happens to the best of us. Getting the timing right is a bit difficult on the first try. Just give the bulb a few seconds and try resetting it by turning it on and off at specified intervals.

If you do this step successfully the bulb will reach an “Easy Mode”, which essentially helps the bulb to connect to the app. In this Easy Mode your merkury bulb should flash or blink fast at a rate 2x per second. After that you will need to connect the bulb to your geeni app on your phone to control the bulb.

Step 3: Open the Device and App

Get your phone out and connect to a 2.4GHz WIFI network. Trust us a 5 GHz won’t work with the merkury bulbs, we have tried that. Then open the Geeni app on your smartphone.

How To Reset A Merkury Smart Bulb
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Step 4: The Bulb Needs to Be Connected

If you don’t have the Geeni app, just go to the Apple app store or the Google Play store and find the app “Geeni” and the app should say “Smart Home & Smart Health”. The app is free and it should only take a few seconds to install. 

After installing the app, you have to set up an account. The app comes with google and apple integration to make sign up easier. 

On your home tab of the app look for the “+” symbol at the upper right corner and click on it. Then select the smart lighting option and a dialogue box will appear. 

The app will ask you whether your bulb is blinking quickly or not. Choose the applicable option and then enter your WIFI password.

Step 5: Setting up Your Smart Bulb

The technical part of resetting the bulb is almost done. The bulb should automatically reset itself and establish a stable connection with your home WIFI. The factory reset should be almost done!

No Smart Hub Required

In the process of resetting the bulb you won’t need any external smart hub like Google Home in order to make it functional. The bulb will simply connect to your WIFI and can be controlled through the Geeni app on your phone.

Reconnect Merkury Smart Bulb to Alexa

To reconnect to Alexa just open the “+” in your Alexa app and the “add device”, under “all devices” press “Light” and then “Geeni” and finally “Discover devices”. Connecting your devices to Alexa should be a piece of cake compared to resetting the bulb.

Reconnect Merkury Smart Bulb to Google Home

To reconnect to your Google Home app just open the app and go to settings. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “works with Google”. From there you can have to select Geeni and reconnect to your account.

How To Reset A Merkury Smart Bulb
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Here are a few tips on how to reset a merkury smart bulb:

  • Make sure you have a stable electricity connection while doing a factory reset.
  • Make sure there is a stable 2.4GHz network connection at your home.

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Before wrap this up you should be aware of some warnings of how to reset a merkury smart bulb:

  • The smart bulb will only connect to a 2.4GHz band and not a 5GHz 
  • Make sure there is not spillage of any liquid around the bulb as that might damage the bulb
  • Do not connect your bulb to a vulnerable or exploitable wireless network as that might put you in harm’s way

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Frequently Asked Question

Why My Lights Will Not Connect to Wi-Fi?

There might be two reasons as to why it is not connecting to the wireless network. Firstly, check if the bulb is properly reset or not.
The bulb should blink 2x per second if it’s properly reset. Secondly, check your WIFI’s band, if the band is 5GHz then the bulb will not connect. Merkury bulbs are compatible with 2.4GHz networks only.

Should I Turn Off My Smart Bulb?

No. Never turn your smart bulb manually as it defies the purpose of it being a smart bulb. You should always use your Geeni to turn it on and off whenever needed.


Merkury bulbs are easy to reset, just use the Geeni smartphone app and make sure your bulb is powered properly. The tricky part is figuring out the timing or interval at which you should turn it off and on. That’s it! And now you know how to reset a Merkury smart bulb.

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