How To Hide Urine Stains From A Black Light

A black light is used for many things at present. Although there are few households uses for the device, sometimes it is nice to have a second pair of eyes. A black light emits Ultraviolet light. This is not visible to us, but many elements or chemicals can react with this and emit light in the visible spectrum. We can see the emitted light and identify the substance. So, How To Hide Urine Stains From A Black Light?

You can view detergent stains, chlorophyll, blood and even urine stains caused by your pet using this device. Among these, the urine stains may cause trouble if you are living in a regulated residential area. In general, urine stains are something you should keep around even if you don’t have to due to regulations. They may cause

Having a pet is a wonderful experience. They are your partners through thick and thin. We consider them a part of our family. It is difficult to keep a pet in most apartments due to strict rules. Especially regarding urine stains left by your fluffy friend. 

Excessive damage to your rental home or apartment by your pets may result in you getting evicted. This article will help you in protecting your residency by teaching you how to hide urine stains from a black light.

how to hide urine stains from a black light
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Why Does Urine Show Under Black Light?

Urine has many chemical components. One such element that is present is phosphorus. Ultraviolet light emits light outside the visible spectrum. Only a tiny bit of the emitted light is visible to us. However, upon contact with certain elements, those elements emit light in the visible spectrum. In the case of urine, the phosphorus makes it glow in a pale-yellow tint.

So, it is not that difficult to hide urine stains from a black light as it is not that easy to see in the first place. In a very dark room, a black light may reveal damp strains. However, it is rarely that dark so a few strains may go unnoticed.

Sometimes even after cleaning the stains, some residue might be left over. Any market standard urine remover can be used but the cleaner residue may stay behind if you do not vacuum and clean it properly. These may appear as a bright white stain which, if uninformed, may be mistaken as urine stains too.

Required Materials

The procedure is very simple. You will need a few tools and items in order to successfully learn how to hide urine stains from a black light. 

Step by Step Guide On How To Hide Urine Stains From A Black Light

Step 1: Identify Stains

The first step is to find the stains itself. This may be a tricky thing to do as your pet may not be leaving a mess in the open. Check your couch and rugs as they are the most common places your pet might leave stains. Keep in mind that if you have a dog, their urine stains might not show up under a black light so consider cleaning any & all furniture you suspect having stains, just to be safe

how to hide urine stains from a black light
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Step 2: Use A Cleaning Agent

Now that you have identified the stains, the next step is to get rid of those urine stains. Choose your preferred cleaning agent to use. Conventional Soap and detergent are not the best choice for cleaning stains like these. You can use specialized products for pet cleanup. Bleach is a fine choice too. However, bleach may take the color off your furniture.

Usage Of Bleach

When using bleach, add a cup of bleach to a gallon of water and mix the solution. Take it inside a spray bottle and apply it wherever you need to learn how to hide urine stains from a black light. Afterwards, use a sponge to clean and brush.

Usage Of Enzymatic Cleaner

If you choose to use a specialized enzymatic cleaner, just spray some on the spot and leave it for some time. The agent will break down the elements allowing you to easily clean it with your sponge after some time.

Step 3: Washing Off The Stains

This is important if you use bleach. Bleach will discolor your rugs or furniture unless it is properly cleaned afterwards. To properly clean the urine stains, use some warm water and towels. Dip the towels in the water and scrub off the excess water or any remaining residue off. This will ensure your items are not damaged by the bleach.

If you have used a pet spray, it is normally not required to clean it afterwards. Still, we recommend you still clean off any residue from it.

How To Hide Urine Stains From A Black Light
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Step 4: Drying

The final step is to let the area completely dry. There is a risk of molding on your carpets, rugs or furniture. Turn the fan on and let the air flow. This will help it to dry faster. Make sure it is completely dry before you use it again.

On the final step of learning how to hide urine stains from a black light! The procedure is very simple and you only need a few items to properly clean it off and stay away from regulation trouble!

Frequently Asked Question

Will Black Light Emission Still Show Urine After It Was Treated?

If you do not clean the residue completely, the black light might still show some bright white stains over where the previous urine stains were. Make sure to wipe off the stain with care to hide urine from a black light.

What Is The Color Of Urine Under A Black Light?

Urine is made of a few chemical components. The important want among them is phosphorus. This glows in a fain oru003cemu003e pale-yellowu003c/emu003e color under a black light. Sometimes, urine stains from a dog may not show up under a black light.

What Other Objects Show Up Under A Black Light?

Black Lights are mostly used to identify body fluids. Stains like blood, semen, urine etc. are usually found under it. Outside of this, tonic water and detergent or laundry stains may also be visible.

Does Urine Show Up On A Black Light?

Yes! Urine shows up under a black light. Both human and cat urine will show a pale or greenish yellow stain under a black light.

Can You See Vinegar Under A Black Light?

No, vinegar itself does not show up under a black light. Black light is basically ultraviolet light which is not in the visible spectrum. Certain chemicals react to the ultraviolet light and emit visible light that we perceive as stains. Vinegar does not contain any such chemicals.

What Else Glows Under A Black Light?

The UV light from a black light shows emission from most fluorescence u0026amp; phosphorescence sources. For example, you can find urine stains from under a black light. Other than that, the following items will glow under a black light:u003cbru003e- Chlorophyllu003cbru003e- Scorpionsu003cbru003e- Tonic Wateru003cbru003e- Urineu003cbru003e- Passportsu003cbru003e- Some species of Fungus etc.

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Hiding urine stains under a black light mostly refers to cleaning off the stain so that it is not visible under the UV emission. Our pets are our family, but you cannot control their every action. In today’s world, it is difficult to keep a pet in a residential building or apartment because of strict regulation. Adding to this, rented homes are even trickier since your pet may urinate, and damage objects and you must be responsible for that. 

Cleaning up after your pet is important and using this article, you can finally learn how to hide urine stains from a black light. If you have any queries, please do comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to read our previous articles where we talk about everything light related.

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