Battery pack for LED lights [5 viable options]

Which the best battery pack for LED lights? The most appealing qualities of LED strip lights are versatility and efficiency. You can illuminate all different kinds of spaces with LED strip lights. They are also flexible and convenient. The only problem that some folks bump into is the need for a reliable power source. This is where a battery pack comes into play.

A battery pack offers a solution that lets LED strip lights shine bright in any location. I don’t need to think about electrical outlets close by.

Let me walk you through the options of battery packs for LED strip lights, and you can select the one that will work for you.

battery pack for led lights
battery pack for led lights

Battery packs for LED strip lights: exploring your options

I am sure that the right battery pack can make all the difference when you install LED strip lights in your home or on the property.

There are plenty of options on the market, so you need to understand the features and limitations of each and make an informed decision afterward.

I’ll run various battery pack options for LED strip lights by you.

Lithium-ion battery pack

These lightweight and rechargeable packs are popular if you need to power LED strip lights. They have high energy density and low self-discharge rates. A lithium-ion battery pack is reliable and long-lasting.

It can be fully recharged within 6-7 hours, and the charger is usually included in the pack. Just plug the pack in the charger and wait. You can get a lithium-ion battery pack in the capacity and quantity that is the most suitable for you.

Customized battery pack

Some LED strip light manufacturers make customized battery packs. Such a battery pack provides optimal performance and may include features like overcharge protection and compatibility with dimmer switches.

I highly recommend this option, but not all manufacturers produce customized battery packs.

Universal battery pack

I believe that it’s also an excellent option because such a battery pack is compatible with a wide range of LED strip lights. Such a battery pack often comes with many output options, and you’ll be able to adjust the voltage and wattage of your LED light.

Waterproof battery pack

I bought a waterproof battery pack when installing an LED light on the outdoor patio.

It’s specially sealed to protect against moisture, and I can rely on its performance even in challenging weather conditions.

You can easily use waterproof battery packs for camping, outdoor events, or decorative lighting.

High-capacity battery pack

When I decorated our house with LED strip lights for Christmas last year, I needed to connect multiple LED strip lights, so I opted for a high-capacity battery pack. These packs have larger storage capacities and don’t require frequent recharging.

In my case, it was essential. The result – our Christmas LED strip lights were shining bright and bringing the holiday spirit to the entire neighborhood.

If you opt for that solution, don’t forget to calculate the amp draw to make sure you have enough energy.


As you can see from my article, you have various options for battery packs for an LED light. The right battery pack can give you lots of possibilities for illumination on the go.

Your options range from a lithium-ion battery pack to a waterproof solution, from a high-capacity pack to a customized item.

Finding the power source that suits your needs is not complex at all. So, explore your options and illuminate your space with confidence and efficiency.


Can I run LED lights from a power bank?

Yes, you can do that, but make sure that the power bank’s output voltage and current rating are suitable for your LED lights. Also, consider factors like the capacity of the power bank and the energy consumption of the LED lights because you need to know how long the lights will run when you fully charge them.

Can you power LED lights with a battery?

Yes, a battery can work for LED lights. LED lights are energy efficient and suitable for use with various types of batteries: rechargeable lithium-ion battery, alkaline, and others. It’s more efficient to go for rechargeable options, like lithium-ion. It gets fully charged in 6-7 hours. You’ll only need a charger and a plug.

Which battery is best for LED lights?

The best battery for LED light depends on voltage requirements, capacity, and application. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is often considered one of the best options because it has high energy density, a long lifespan, and the ability to provide consistent power output.

Are rechargeable batteries good for LED lights?

Yes, they are generally good. Rechargeable batteries, such as lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, are not costly in the long run because they can be fully charged multiple times. They are also more environmentally friendly compared to disposable batteries. They provide consistent power output, which is important for LED light.