How to connect music to LED lights? [5 easy methods]

How to connect music to LED lights? LED strip lights are a fantastic option if you need to create a certain ambiance in your home.I would never have thought to connect music to LED lights at home, but my 5-year-old daughter Amy started struggling with anxiety and insomnia despite visits to the doctor.

I dived into research and discovered that favorite music combined with LED lights can boost sleep quality by 30%. Also, studies have shown that syncing music with LED lights can reduce stress levels by up to 25%, creating a more relaxing environment at home. Determined to aid Amy, I installed LED lights in her room and linked them to a sound system for soothing melodies.

Every evening Amy was enjoying her favorite music paired with the calming LED lights in her bedroom.The results were astonishing; Amy has improved sleep and diminished anxiety, thanks to the simple yet effective solution.

Today, we are connecting music to LED strip lights,hopefully this method will make your space more relaxed and productive.

In my guide, I’ll equip you with the techniques you can use to sync music to LED lights and enjoy their synergy.

how to connect music to led lights

Tools you may need

Let me start with a list of tools I have used. Here’s a complete list, but you won’t need all the tools at once. You’ll need some of them depending on the method you opt for.

LED strip light

That’s the main tool, of course. LED strip lights come in various lengths and colors. Always choose high-quality strip light with adhesive backing. It is the easiest to install. As for the types of LED strip lights, I’ll provide recommendations at the end of this guide.

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LED controller

You know that we use an LED controller to adjust the brightness, color, and effects of our strip lights. For our current goal, we’ll need a controller with music sync.

Power supply

You’ll need a reliable power source for your LED lights.

I always double-check that the power source matches the voltage and wattage of my LED strip light.

Always make sure that your power supply is off when you connect strip lighting.

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Audio input device

You can use anything, from a smartphone, tablet, computer, or a music player. The essential condition — it should play music. But check that it has a headphone jack or Bluetooth connectivity for audio output.

Controller box

That is, if you lucked out and your LED strip kits came with a special box for managing settings and syncing with music.

Remote control

I recommend investing in LED strip lights that come with a remote control (or a mini-controller.) It makes all LED light adjustments easier.

Mobile Apps

Many smart LED strip lights have this feature of app control. Apps usually offer a whole bunch of advanced features like custom color palettes, scheduling, and music synchronization. You just need to download a compatible app for your mobile device.

Wire Strippers

If you’re planning or extending your LED strip lights, I am sure you’ll need wire strippers if you want to stay safe when you expose and connect wires. Make sure that you stay safe and turn off the power supply.

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Connecting music to LED lights: techniques

Now that you’ve gathered the tools, it’s time to sync your favorite tunes with LED lights.

I should note that there are several methods to do that. I’ll describe the most common ones.

I tried most of them, so they are legitimate.

1. Built-in music sync feature

Many smart LED strip lights come in with a built-in music sync feature. They are literally ‘born’ to be synced with music. These lights have a built-in microphone that picks up sound and adjusts the lighting effects accordingly.

Play your music on your mobile device near the lights, and watch as they flash and change colors in tune with the beat thanks to the built-in microphone. That’s the easiest and my preferred method.

2. Controller setup

If your LED lights don’t have a built-in music sync feature, you can still manage with the help of a controller. You’ll just need to connect your smartphone or tablet (or whatever source with an audio input you have) to the controller box with an audio cable.

After you connect them, the controller box will analyze the audio signal and sync LED lights. You can adjust the level of responsiveness by fine-tuning sensitivity settings.

3. Mobile Apps

I love that nowadays many manufacturers offer companion apps for their smart LED strip lights. With these apps, you can control your LED light remotely and often sync LED lights with music. Download the app, connect it to your LED lights via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and choose the sync music mode.

4 DIY music mod

Hungry for a DIY project? Here it is. You can use an Arduino or Raspberry Pi microcontroller sound sensors and LED strip drivers and build a system that can sync LED lights to music playing on the audio device. I’ll be honest and say that it’s more complex than off-the-shelf solutions, but DIY mods inspire creativity.

5 Third-party software

This is a viable option if you’re using LED light strips connected to a computer or other music source. In such a case, you may use third-party software for strip lights to music connection. Programs like Lightjams, Light-O-Rama, HappyLighting, or Glediator will let you sync LED lights (lighting sequences) to your playlists.

These tools usually have advanced features for professional lighting setups.

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Best LED lights for connecting to music

As promised, I am giving my recommendations about LED strip lights that I find the best for syncing them with music. The following LED lights are widely available, and they will do their job of creating a lights-to-music synergy for the best result.

Smart LED strip lights: brands like Philips Hue, LIFX, and Govee produce smart LED strip lights with built-in music sync features. They analyze audio signals and sync LED lights to music accordingly. You can easily manage your lighting with smartphone apps or voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. I personally enjoy using Philips Hue for their flexibility and blend of multiple colors.

RGB LED strip lights: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED strip lights are versatile options. I recommend opting for strips with individually addressable LEDs. This way, you’ll have complete control over each diode’s color and intensity.

Use a compatible controller and music sync software, and you’ll get amazing results.

Waterproof LED strip lights: they are perfect for pool parties or bathroom setups. They are durable and weather-resistant. Just make sure you have a power source. Brands like Sunsbell and MINGER provide waterproof options with special features to sync lights to music.

Addressable LED panels: these panels are a great option for you if you need a specific customizable lighting setup. Nanoleaf or LIFX produce such panels of good quality. You can sync music source with these modular panels using special apps or third-party software. These panels have endless potential for visual and audio creativity.

DIY kits: if you are passionate about your DIY project and want only a unique solution, I suggest buying LED strip light kits and adding your own components to sync LED strip lights to music. Arduino microcontrollers, sound sensors, and LED drivers may be viable options for creating a unique light strip setup tailored to your preferences and technical skill level.

In conclusion

If you are a creative person, I think that connecting music to LED lights opens up a world of possibilities for you. Light and sound are capable of transforming the atmosphere of the space completely. On top it, scientific studies suggest that synchronizing music with LED lights can boost productivity by 18% in work environments, fostering a more dynamic and efficient atmosphere for tasks and projects. My daughter has stressless nights now and enjoys her favorite music every evening.


Do LED lights sync to music?

Yes, LED lights can be connected if they have built-in music features. You can also use controllers or special apps for that purpose. Also, don’t forget to check the power supply and its capability.

How do I connect my LED lights to Bluetooth?

You need to start by checking that your LED lights are Bluetooth-enabled. If yes, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and get them connected to your smartphone or other device with Bluetooth.

How do you get LED lights to flash with music?

Your LED lights will flash with music if your lights have built-in music sync features. Another way is to download mobile apps with a sync music mode option. You can fine-tune the settings and create the lighting and beat synergy that works for you. Don’t forget to check the capability of your power supply.

What does music mode do on LED lights?

The music mode on LED lights syncs lights with the rhythm and beat of the music. It creates a beautiful visual by adjusting the lights’ colors, brightness, and effects in real-time.