Are Christmas Lights Safe In Bedroom

With the arrival of the holiday season, it is a common sight to see houses lit up with colorful Christmas lights down the entire street. 

For a long time, hanging up these lights have been a popular tradition. As lighting technology gets more advanced and more affordable, we see more and more Christmas lights every year. 

As these lights have become an integral part of interior decorating options, we see these lights also being used indoors through the whole year, including bedrooms. 

So its very natural to ask, are Christmas lights safe in bedroom? Well, there is no straight answer to this question, as it really depends on the kind of lights you’re using and the way they have been set up in your room.

Are Christmas Lights Safe In Bedroom

Is It Dangerous To Have Christmas Lights In Your Room?

Even though Christmas lights are commonly used in bedrooms without many issues, that doesn’t exactly mean they’re safe. Depending on the kind of lights and manufacturer, these lights have a lot of safety hazards that users need to be careful of.

To begin, Christmas lights can reach very high temperatures in the absence of proper ventilation. The small bulbs are made of very thin glass, which can break quite easily.

In addition, it is common practice to store these Christmas lights and reuse them the following year. Problems from prolonged use include damaged insulation on the wiring, component fatigue, etc. 

These issues can increase the risks of potential malfunctioning, which increases the chances of something going wrong.

What Are Christmas Lights Actually? 

The old-fashioned Christmas lights are traditional tungsten lights that are connected in series. As these are filament bulbs, they get hot quite easily. These lights come in various shades of white light including soft white and daylight white. Colored versions of these lights are basically the same bulbs with colored glass casings.

Christmas Lights

However the introduction of LED Christmas lights have revolutionized the lighting industry. These lights are much better than the traditional lights in every way possible. In addition to having a large set of LED light colors, these lights are environmentally friendly and generate very little heat.

Can Christmas Lights Cause A Fire?

If you’re asking yourself, do Christmas lights get hot enough to start a fire? Well even though its unlikely, its not entirely impossible. 

If you don’t take the necessary precautions and safety measures when installing and running these lights in your bedroom, they can definitely be a fire hazard. 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that Christmas lights cause 770 house fires every year. So when thinking about are Christmas lights safe in bedroom, this is definitely something you need to be careful about.

Are Christmas Lights Safe In Bedroom: Consider These Points When Using Christmas Lights

1. Before going into the details, know that most Christmas lights are not designed to be used in the bedroom for extended periods of time. So install and use them at your own risk

2. Understand that every electrical product has a shelf life. Even though it is economically friendly to reuse your lights every year, you should consider getting new ones every few years.

3. Keep in mind that most Christmas lights are designed to be used in colder temperatures. So, if you’re using your lights all year round, understand that the warm temperatures of summer may not be suitable for your lights. 

As these lights are designed for cold temperatures, manufacturers often do not worry about heat ventilation and dissipation. Heat can buildup and increase the risks of a potential malfunction if you use them in a warm area with poor ventilation.

Keep Your Christmas Lights Cool

4. Traditional Christmas lights that are connected in series. This means that when one bulb stops working, a bunch of other bulbs will stop working as well.

5. One of the biggest considerations when buying Christmas lights is the price. Even though its important to save money, understand that quality comes at a price.

Lights that are relatively cheap will also be made from cheap materials and parts. These lights will be more prone to failures and malfunctions.

So if you’re running these lights in your bedroom, you’d want them to be as safe as possible. Invest in lights that are made from good quality materials.

6. For those wondering are Christmas lights safe in bedroom, it might be best for you to explore other options.

LED light strips are an extremely popular alternative to traditional Christmas lights. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these lights are also very cheap.Another good thing about LED strips is that you can cut LED light strips into separate strips and even connect separate strips together using connectors.

Tips for Using Christmas Lights in the Bedroom Safely

1. Purchase Good Quality Lights

When wondering are Christmas lights in bedroom, safety should be your most important concern. Therefore, always purchase products that are made from good quality raw materials, even if they are more expensive.

In addition, thoroughly check customer reviews for a better idea about the quality.

2. Purchase Products with Warranty

While we’re on the subject of safety, products that come with long and extended warranties usually indicate that the manufacturers are confident about the product’s safety. 

And in case a malfunction does happen, you will be covered under the warranty.

3. LED Christmas Lights

The best option is to just not use traditional Christmas lights in your room and go for LED Christmas lights instead. These lights are way more energy efficient and generate a lot less heat. The low voltage requirements also mean that the chances of a malfunction like a short circuit is extremely low. Modern LED Christmas lights also come with a wireless remote light switch which allows you to control their color and brightness remotely.

LED Christmas Light

4. Don’t Keep Them on For Too Long

A lot of Christmas lights are not rated for prolonged use. In order to be safe, turn these lights off every few hours. 

Turning them off every 3-4 hours for 10 to 20 minutes should be more than enough.

5. Turn the Lights off when Outside and Sleeping

In order to avoid any potential hazards, just play it safe and keep the lights off when you’re leaving your house.

Do the same when you’re going to bed. The risk is just not worth it. 

6. Use Smart Devices with Timer Options

These days you can purchase smart plugs which can be programmed to turn off at a certain time or after a certain amount of runtime.

In case you don’t remember to turn the lights off, these plugs are extremely effective. Moreover, the plugs are compatible with smart home assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Use Smart Devices to Control

7. Maintain a Cool Temperature

Install the lights in an area where there is constant airflow. The lights should be installed away from areas that generate heat.

Do not install these lights close to the fireplace. It’s best to install them away from computers and other electrical appliances.

8. Install Heat Sinks or Other Ventilation Options

Consider installing a heatsink to dissipate as much heat as possible. Alternatively, you can have a small fan pointed directly at the lights.

9. Keep Out of Reach of Pets and Children

Pets can bite into the wires of the lights, damaging them. So it is best to keep these lights out of their reach. 

You can install these lights high up on your walls or cover the wires using cord covers.

10. Take Fire Safety Precautions

Most homes these days will come with a fire alarm system. For extra measures, have fire extinguishers nearby so you can act swiftly in case anything does happen. 

Are Christmas Lights Safe to Leave On? 

Even though most Christmas lights are completely safe, it is wisest to turn these lights off when leaving or going to bed. 

Consider using LED Christmas lights or LED strips for added safety. 

Can Christmas Lights Electrocute You? 

If you’re asking yourself are Christmas lights safe in bedroom, the risk of electrocuting yourself is not entirely out of the question. Christmas lights usually don’t carry a high risk of electrocution, there are some situations in which you need to be careful.

If you’re Christmas lights are old and have wire and tear, certain components may be exposed. In addition, pets can chew through the wires, exposing them.

If you’ve stored the lights for a long time, bugs and critters may have damaged them. 

So check the entire product carefully before plugging them in.

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We understand that these lights are an essential element of the holiday season. Even outside of the season, these lights are an excellent decorative option that makes your home look just a little more homely. 

However, you should realize that nothing is more important than the safety of yourself and your family. 

In order to make sure the interior of your house is safe, pay close attention to all the information we have provided and try to follow our tips and guidelines as closely as possible.

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