Can You Sleep with Led Strip Lights On

Can You Sleep with Led Strip Lights On? LED strip lights are a unique and creative way to add colors and luminosity to our life. LEDs use so less electricity compared to traditional light bulbs that you can turn them on all day long, even when you sleep. There are no risks of accidents, especially with the modern LED strip lights and also you can enjoy some benefits of sleeping with your LED strip light on. They create a soothing ambiance in a room, reduce stress, improve your mental status, help your body prepare for sleep and the list goes on.

Is It Safe to Sleep With LED Strip Lights On?

To decide whether it is safe to sleep with LED Strip lights on or not, you should first understand what could be the risk involved. The first and foremost one amongst them is whether it can catch fire. And the answer is highly unlikely. 

Traditional light bulbs use a filament to generate light, thus, emitting a lot of heat which may eventually catch fire. However, LED strip lights are significantly more efficient in converting energy into light. They used a semiconductor material to generate light. Their power consumption is 85% less compared to conventional light bulbs. So there is no risk of encountering financial damage even if you leave those LED strip lights on all night.

Can You Sleep with Led Strip Lights On

The last risk we should consider is whether it has any negative health impact. The answer again is- No. LED Strip lights do not generate electromagnetic radiation and do not cause you any physical/mental distress. Therefore, we can say for sure that it is safe to sleep with LED strip lights on.

Why Should You Sleep With LED Strip Lights On? 

There are lots of privileges you can enjoy sleeping with LED strip lights on. For instance – 

Soothing Environment

LED strip lights create a calm and soothing environment, which allows us to fall asleep in a relaxed state of mind. Your quality of sleep depends greatly upon the environment you’re sleeping in.

Stress Relief

LED strip lights, especially Purple ones reduce mental and emotional stress. Thus, allows you to have a sound sleep.

Deep Sleep

If you change your LED strip lights’ color to warm white, or red and lower the brightness to 25% and below, you are most likely to sleep more deeply compared to when you do not use LED lights.

Can You Sleep with Led Strip Lights On

Fall Asleep Quickly

The ambiance created by LED strip lights drains away all your fatigue and gives you positive energy. This will help you to fall asleep as soon as you go to bed.

Prevent Injury

If you wake up in a dark room in the middle of the night, there is a slight chance that you may trip or slip on the floor if there are any harmful objects or water on the floor. Sleeping with LED strip lights eliminates that risk. 

Reduced number of mosquitoes

If your area has a mosquito problem, you can already tell that mosquitoes start to show themselves in greater numbers as soon as you switch off the light. So, sleeping with LED strip lights on is a better option compared to sleeping in darkness.

Benefits of Sleep With LED Strip Lights On 

In case you are still wondering- can you sleep with LED strip lights on, here are some important benefits research found if you sleep with LED strip lights on-

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Awakening with a feeling of increased alertness and focus
  • More peaceful and improved sleep
  • Being at peace and in sync with your internal biological clock
  • Prevention of sleep inertia
  • The release of melatonin naturally

What is The Best Color Light for Sleep

According to several research studies, Red light is unquestionably the most relaxing color choice Your circadian cycle won’t be disturbed if you use a red nightlight. A few hours prior to bed, switching to a red light can undoubtedly facilitate falling asleep easier and faster. Studies also showed its effectiveness on human’s improved quality of sleep, melatonin level, and the next day’s endurance. 

After red, Amber lights are mostly recommended for sleep. This color light is specifically designed to provide a nice warm relaxing atmosphere that protects you against harmful blue light which prevents you from sleeping.

Things to Consider to Sleep With LED Strip Lights On 

  • The Colour of the LED strip light should be red, avoid using blue light.
  • Adjust the brightness to about 25% or lower 
  • Place them far from your head and away from your eyes.
  • Regular quality check on your LED strip light circuitry.
  • Avoid buying cheap and low-quality LED strip lights.
  • Avoid mounting LED strip lights near flammable items, or near any water sources.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Led Strip Lights Cause Fire?

No. LED strip lights are very energy-efficient, which implies a large portion of the energy they consume is transformed into light rather than heat. The worst they can get is a little warm, which is hardly an issue.

Can You Leave Led Strip Lights For A Week?

Yes, you can, since they use less electricity and are less likely to ignite a fire. But make sure to keep them away from any flammable objects and water sources.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of Led Strip Lights?

LEDs are supposed to last an incredibly long time. LED strip lights have an average life expectancy of around 50,000 hours, meaning they’ll still be shining bright for 17 years.

Final Thoughts: Can You Sleep with Led Strip Lights On

Can You Sleep with Led Strip Lights On? There is no harm in sleeping with LED strip lights on. Instead, we recommend it. Since there is no risk of catching fire or any self-injury, you can put it on 24/7. It does not increase your electricity bill that much. On the other hand, it has some important health benefits. We are positive that this article already succeeded in clearing your doubt about whether can you sleep with LED strip lights on or not.

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