What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light

What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light? Decorating your home is a tedious task at times. You have to set the furniture, tune the lighting and create the ambiance in order to feel just right. It is not a cheap task as well. Setting up so many items and stuff can be hard work and costly. The furniture itself can cost a fortune! 

This is why a cheap alternative to setting ambiance and lighting is to use led strip lights whenever it is possible and easy to implement. This is because, led lights are cheap, easy to use, can be hidden, consumes very little power, and can be installed and replaced at any instant.

One thing to note when you decorate your room is to lay out the plans first. You have to plan out where you want to install them. You can use LED lights to accent furniture, highlight features, or just light up to fix the ambiance. In any case, you would have to line out where you want to add your led lights. 

In such cases, knowing the led strip width goes a long way. You have to determine what kind of led strip width is best for you. Otherwise, when installing your lights, you may not be able to perfectly fit the light in the slots or the outer edges of the strip lights will poke out, causing the whole setup to be undesirable.

However, if you are just installing led lights, what width strip lights aren’t that important. You can use any width for your daily activities. Width is important when you want to merge the design with your environment.

What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light

What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light.

The led strip width of a led strip light differs from brand to brand and usage. Even among them, there are a few common measures of led strip width that are in use in a lot of places. Some of the more readily available ones are as follows:

  • 10 mm standard issue
  • SMD 5050 – 5mm width
  • SMD 3014 – 1.4 mm width useful for projects
  • SMD 5630 – 3mm; more efficient than previous products
  • SMD 3528 – 2.8mm width that is cheap comparatively

Details about these types of led strip width are given in another section of this article. It will give you an idea of what kind of led strip width is better for you.

LED Strip Widths of Renowned Brands. What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light

Led strip lights are made with various kinds of width in mind. As such, you will have a few options to choose from. The most common ones are the 3/8mm width ones. Besides these, you also have choices from the following brands:

  • Philips Hue – 14-15mm
  • Hit Lights – 10mm
  • Tresco Lighting – 10mm
  • Daybetter Light – 10mm
  • Hafele Loox – 10mm
  • Govee light – 10mm
  • Feit Electric – 10mm
  • Wyze light strip – 10mm
  • Maxoner – 10mm
  • Elgato LED – 10mm

A pro tip or disclaimer is that, led strip width sizes may differ from the list according to the part number or product number you are purchasing. The dimensions of the product are available when you buy them so keep an eye out before making your purchases.

The brands will differ in size, installation, and device kit that is present with the purchase. The led strip width should not differ by that much or at all. 

However, most reputable brands will give provide you with a reliable led strip light. Consider your favorite or preferred brand when you buy led lights. Sometimes, the same brand will have different width options as well as color temperature and saturation options for your purchase.

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What Is the Width Size of Different LED Strip Lights. What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light

Led strip width is calculated to determine light density and the material of its production. A producer also serves different markets with differently sized led strip lights. The following sizes are really commonplace in the market as well as with general consumers. 

The easiest way to determine the width or size of the led from the following is to look at the numbers in two pairs. The two pairs will be separated by a decimal number. The dimensions are the first and second pairs. For example, for a 5050, the dimensions will be 5.0mm X 5.0mm.

SMD 3528:

The 3528 led strip width has only one light per housing. Therefore, compared to the 5050, it is not as bright. The small size of 3.5×2.8 mm helps in housing these kinds of led lights in most contraptions. They can be fitted into a number of devices. They are also cheaper and can be cost-effective if used in high numbers.

SMD 5050:

5050 led strip lights are the 5×5 mm dimension ones. The 5050 led strip width is 5mm. They are used for minimal illuminations. They are slightly larger than your regular ones and therefore can dissipate heat faster but will require more space. Therefore, you may not be able to fit it inside your projects. They are comparatively brighter and house 3 LED diodes in each housing.

SMD 3014:

A 3×1.4 mm led strip width is more useful when used with other projects. These strips are smaller in size as well as more efficient. What it lacks in size can be made up by the sheer volume of these kinds of strip lights. The led sizes are smaller so their density of them can be greater as well.

SMD 5630:

5.6×3 mm led strip width has become the norm in a lot of places. They are a great balance of luminosity and power consumption. They can be thin enough to increase volume as well as have the brightness of a 5050 if needed.

SMD 2835:

The dimensions of this led strip width is 2.8×3.5 mm. This variant is a bit thicker than others so it can help heat dissipate faster and have a larger density of led lights. They are much more efficient than their 3528 counterparts and can shine much brighter.

Size of Different LED Chip

What is the thinnest LED strip? What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light

A Chinese manufacturer named LEDYi claims to have created the thinnest led strips or narrowest led strip width while ensuring the highest level of quality. The narrow strips can come in dimensions from 1mm to 5mm. However, due to the extreme thinness, it is important to connect it to a heat sink because it will otherwise overheat very quickly.

FAQ: What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light

How wide is an LED light strip?

LED light strip widths can vary significantly, typically ranging from as narrow as 8mm (0.31 inches) for slim or flexible versions to wider options of around 20mm (0.79 inches) for high-intensity or specialized strips. The width of an LED light strip depends on its design, purpose, and the specific manufacturer’s offerings.

What is LED band width?

LED band width refers to the physical measurement of an LED strip light, indicating the width or thickness of the strip itself. It determines the size, shape, and design of the LED strip, impacting its flexibility, light output, and suitability for various lighting applications.

How thick is a LED strip in MM?

LED strip lights typically vary in thickness, but they commonly range from around 1.5mm to 3mm (0.06 to 0.12 inches) in thickness, depending on the specific type and model. Some specialized or rigid LED strips may be thicker, while flexible or slim versions tend to be thinner.

What is the width of 3528 LED strip?

The width of a 3528 LED strip is typically around 8mm (0.31 inches). This size is a standard measurement for this type of LED strip, known for its compact and versatile design, suitable for various lighting applications.

Conclusion: What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light

What Is The Width Size Of An LED Strip Light? At first, you could genuinely question why a regular person would want to know about the led strip light widths. However, after you complete reading this article, you will know that the led strip width is much more than just the size for your attachment. 

It determines the light density, the quality of the heat dissipation, and the luminosity as well. Different dimensions are used for different purposes. Higher density strips are used to give out more light, while the thinner ones can be fitted into many different projects and experiments. All in all, the world of led strip lights is a lot more than just the length and the color of the light it produces.

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