How to Make Black with LED Lights

A blacklight is a very useful device. Especially if you have a pet, a black light can be a lifesaver for detecting fluids that are otherwise missing from our eyes. A black light emits ultraviolet light. This frequency is invisible to our eyes. However, this light is absorbed by different chemicals from a variety of fluids. 

This reaction emits lights in the visible spectrum. Depending on the color and intensity of the light, we can determine the kind of fluid stain that was present. This is extremely useful in detecting stains like blood even urine from pets.

How to Make Black with LED Lights
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So, the question arises, how to make black with led lights? The process may seem to be difficult. After all, led strip lights are used to emit combinations of the three primary colors to emit different ones. How can you use the visible spectrum to emit UV light? 

Well, this guide will give you an insight and step analysis of how you can make black with led lights to use in your investigations.

What Can You Do with A Black Light?

A black-light is a useful utility that can be used to detect the presence of certain fluids or objects. Fluid stains that are wiped off aren’t visible to our eyes but more often than not, they leave behind some residue. As such, a black light can be used to detect the residue.

 It emits lights in an invisible spectrum called ultraviolet or UV. This light reacts with the chemicals in the residue and emits visible light that we can see. Therefore, we can detect the presence of the fluids and clean them fully.

Besides these, black lights are used in a few other places or activities as well. A black light can be used to verify banknotes in financial institutions. A black light can also be used to decorate props or objects to use glow-in-the-dark aesthetics. 

All in all, a black light has quite a few uses so it is not a bad idea to know how to make black with led lights.

3 Ways to Make Black with Led Lights

There are a few ways you can learn how to make black with led lights. In this article, we will explore two different methods. The methods mainly depend on whether you have access to the remote control that is usually given with the led strip. The other method discusses if you do not have that remote.

Method 1: Using the Remote Control

Most led strip lights come packed with remote control. This is used to control the color of the lights and the speed of the blinking as well. It is basically a customization controller and exactly what we will be using in the first method.

We will be needing:

How to Make Black with LED Lights

Step-1: Installation

First you will need to fully kit out your led strip lights. Place them according to how you would want them and install the power cord as well. Pre-determine the layout you want to create and buy the appropriate length of LED lights to complete your connection.

Step-2: Connection

After you set up your layout, test the circuit by turning it on. Make sure it is properly powered.

Step-3: Setup

This is the main step in this method. Using the remote, you have to access the DIY mode. Once you access this mode, you will have to do the following steps
– Press the red button 25 times
– Press the blue button 25 times

If you have a remote and some good quality led strip, this is how to make black with led light. The lights will change according to your button presses and will create your desired black light effect. However, keep in mind that the desired effect will not be commercial grade and may leave something to be desired.

Method 2: Creating Black Light without The Use of A Remote Control

In case you cannot acquire an led strip light with a decent remote, you can follow some set steps to know how to make black with led lights without using a remote. Without using a remote, you will have to do some work. 

How to Make Black with LED Lights
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The situation now revolves around filtering out the visible light in order to expose the ultraviolet light and use them as a black light.

Step-1: Counting

Firstly, you have to count the total number of led lights in each strip. This is because you will have to work on the lights that are attached to each strip manually. 

The objective is to cover all other visible lights and expose only the UV lights. Therefore, it is important to calculate how much material every strip will need.

Step-2: Cutting

Now you have to cut the transparent tape. It is better to cut them into small pieces in sets of three, equal to the number of lights on each strip. So, each tape strip will cover about 3 lights. Basically, have 3 layers.

Step-3: Placement

Now, we start by placing the first set of tape on the led strips. Place the markers on the led strips and color over the transparent tape with a blue marker. Layer it with the next piece of tape all the way around and paint it blue. Finally, color the third piece with a purple marker and stick it on top.

Step-4: Coverage

Repeat the same process and cover every led strip light. Make sure you have enough tape to cover your desired layout. After that, you have set up the lights and the led strips should be emitting a black light.

Method 3: Using Transparent Tape

Using a transparent tape is similar to the previous method. In this method, we are assuming that the led strip lights cannot be used to provide light in the RGB setup. We will need the following items when using a transparent tape:

  • White led strip light
  • Transparent Tape
  • A purple and a blue marker
How to Make Black with LED Lights
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Similarly like before, you will need to count the number of lights in each strip and prepare your tape based on that number.


The next step is to cut pieces of tape. Just like before, create three layers to put on your led strips. Cut enough pieces out to cover the entire led strip and cover all the lights on the connection.


Apply the first layer of transparent tape. Use blue color on this layer. Apply it to the lights on the strip.


The second layer will go all around the strip as well as above the light it is placed on. Use blue color for this.


The third piece again goes on the light on each strip. Add every piece to all the lights. Use purple color for this layer.

Make sure that your colored tape layers cover the entire strip so any visible light cannot easily escape. More importantly, your lights have to be covered nicely as well. Turn on the light switch to view your work. 

This is how to make black with led lights. The desired effect won’t be as strong as it would be with an actual blacklight. Even so, with limited resources, this is a better alternative to other options. In this way, you can recreate the effects of a black light and use it to detect stains or pets’ urine and clean them. Even a makeshift black light has many uses.

How Black Lights Work

Blacklights are mostly ultraviolet rays. These are a type of light that is not visible to the naked eye. Just like infrared, it cannot be seen by humans. However, it is ever-present and it is useful as well. The wavelength of light is compressed for UV rays and expanded for infrared.

The way blacklight works in our case is that there are many substances that react with the rays in the UV spectrum. These substances may be body fluids, blood, urine, detergent, etc. What all of these have in common is the presence of phosphor. This material reacts with the light rays and emits light themselves. Depending on the item, the light reflected may be green, greenish-yellow, orange, or even white.

How to Make Black with LED Lights
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The reflected light has a comparatively higher wavelength than the UV rays. So, the reflected rays come into the visible spectrum. In this way, we can see the light that is reflected from blacklight emissions.

Blacklight is used in many ways due to this unique property. Blacklights are used to investigate crime scenes, find traces of blood.

Moreover, UV lights can be used to clean stains in a household as well. They can also be used to create a neon lighting effect for aesthetics or parties. The uses are vast. This is why everyone should know how to make black with led lights. This is a neat trick to know and can come in handy as well.


Determining the size of the blacklight area is an important step. You may not be needing the entire strip to emit black light. This will be a waste of your time and energy as well as resources. So, the first step to knowing how to make black with led lights is to know how much area you are going to cover and what your needs are. 

Afterward, you can cut your led strips into these measurements and attach them accordingly. Remember to connect the open ends of each side of the strip with wire connectors or solders. This is to connect them to a power supply. 

You can use hot glue to connect any side without an open-ended wire. Led lights will not produce enough heat to damage the surroundings so you should be good to go. Connect the circuit and you will be able to use your lights without any hassle.

A makeshift blacklight has the risk of falling apart if it is not attached properly. The reason you need three layers is that each layer absorbs a certain part of the visible spectrum from a white led light. This is important for you to know how to make black with led lights. 

This is because removing or detachment of any other layer will cause the makeshift device to emit visible light and you will not be able to recreate the situation of a black light.

Moreover, using a remote is the more optimal solution. You can program the lights very easily and you won’t have to think about adding different colored layers. If you use a remote, you have to be careful in your placement. Place the led strips on a flat surface.

 The output should be decent as well and your daily use of a blacklight can be fulfilled by this makeshift device or remote.

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FAQs: How to Make Black with LED Lights

How Do You Make a Black Light?

A black light is basically light from a different wavelength. It is a part of the ultraviolet or UV spectrum. This is not visible to the naked eye. However, the light bounces off chemicals in stains and glows in the visible spectrum. To learn how to make black with led lights, you will need to block out certain spectrums of light with colored markers and transparent tape.

Are LED Black Lights Safe?

Yes, led lights are absolutely safe. Black lights are only a part of a different spectrum that is not visible to the naked eye. Led lights do not contain any harmful substances or heavy metals. You are merely manipulating the lights to emit in the UV spectrum. So, there is no reason to be scared. When you learn how to make black with led lights, you can rest assured it is safe.

What Color Is Sperm Under a Blacklight?

Bodily fluids have fluorescence in them. This means that they will react with UV spectrum light. So, they will emit a certain color when a black light is shined upon them. On whiter surfaces, it will be harder to detect or may even be invisible.

Can You Make Black Light with Led Lights?

Led lights can be used to create a beautiful atmosphere. They can also be used to create a makeshift blacklight. To do this, you can either use a remote-controlled led strip light or use other measures to create the desired effectIf you use a remote, press the red button 25 times, then the blue button 25 times.

If you want to create the effect without a remote, you have to use three different colored layers over a white led. This will block out the visible spectrum and emit the UV spectrum, which mimics a blacklight.


Yes, a combination of the RGB spectrum can create UV lights. If you want to know how to make black with led lights, you can use a remote to create the desired effect. For that, you can press the red button and blue button 25 times. This will create your desired effect. Moreover, you can create white light from the led strips and place transparent layers of tape. Color those layers with blue and purple markers. This will also create an effect that mimics black light.

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Conclusion: How to Make Black with LED Lights

A black-light can seem to be a bit of a niche item to have. But it gets more uses out of it than you might think. If you own a pet, you will definitely know that they will ruin your furniture if you don’t train them.

 Even then, sometimes the pets will urinate on your rugs. Furthermore, you may also find the smell of them urinating in places you don’t even see. A blacklight is really helpful in solving such a crisis. It can show where the stains are and help you wash them off. 

A decent blacklight can even show the residue of detergent used so you can clean your rugs perfectly without worrying about any sort of residue.

While a blacklight may seem to be useful, it is also true that not all households will carry a blacklight. Not everyone will buy one and rather prefer to train their pets. But it has other uses too. You can create a neon effect with certain substances. This is great for aesthetics and environment building. All in all, the uses still may not outweigh the requirement for a blacklight. This is where the guide comes in. You have come to know how to create black with led lights from this guide. 

The ease of creating the desired effect may bump a lot of you to try out a fun DIY project yourself. It is certainly interesting to play with physics, and the costs are low enough to think of it as a practice!

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