RGB vs RGBIC Strip Lights – Both Are Same?

You have just walked into the nearest electrical supply store to buy LED lights for your home. However, there are uncountable options to choose from, and you have no clue where to start.

The words “RGB” and “RGBIC” confuse you; how do you figure out the difference between each? Which one is more suitable for you? You ask yourself, “RGB vs RGBIC Strip Lights – Both Are Same?” 

To help you answer that question, we will discuss in detail the basic differences between RGB and RGBIC strip lights so that you can find the right LED light for your home or workspace.

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What Is the Difference Between RGB vs RGBIC?

RGB vs RGBIC, which one do you choose? To help you understand the major difference between RGB vs RGBIC strip lights, first, you will need to understand the meaning of RGB. 

RGB is the process of producing various colors using the primary colors: red, green, and blue. RGB color mixing can produce as many as 16,777,216 colors. Let us now look at the properties of both RGB and RGBIC strip lights. 

RGB Strip Lights

RGB strip lights have no IC chip control, which means they can display only one color at a time. Although RGB strip lights fall short at displaying multiple colors, they can be cut to size at the copper markings, making them suitable for use in small spaces. They have standard brightness that is fitting in both homes and workplaces. 

RGBIC Strip Lights

RGBIC strip lights have an additional feature: an Independent Chip (IC). This chip allows the RGBIC strip light to produce multiple colors at the same time. These lights are used in gaming setups and sophisticated lighting purposes because they help create a more vibrant lighting effect. 

Unlike the RGB strip lights, however, RGBIC strip lights can not be cut and therefore can be fit into spaces with specific dimensions. RGBIC strip lights are ultra-bright and used for various purposes. 

rgbic vs rgb
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When to Use RGB

It can be difficult to choose which one to buy between RGB vs RGBIC. The rule of thumb is that RGB strip lights are well suited for daily functions inside our homes, such as lighting the inside of our cabinets, garages, etc. 

RGBIC strip lights, on the other hand, are multifunctional and highly efficient, so they are used for more complex purposes. Listed below are a few ways by which you can utilize RGB strip lights in your home and workplace.

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1. Backlit Wall Panels

Wall panels are simple, attractive architectural designs found in modern establishments. If you’re struggling to decide between RGB vs RGBIC strip lights for your wall panels, RGB strip lights are the better option. Since RGB LED strip lights display a single color, they can help accentuate the structural design of your backlit wall panel with their warm ambiance.

2. Wall Hanging Uplights

You might install wall-hanging uplights in your home to make it more cozy and welcoming. Adding RGB strip lights to your lighting can help decorate it even further. You can also cut the strip lights to shape so that they can fit perfectly inside your wall decor. 

3. Bathroom Shower

Between RGB vs RGBIC strip lights for your bathroom showers, RGB strip lights are suitable because they complement your classic bathroom shower. Bathroom showers require lighting that has standard brightness – anything too bright can ruin your shower time!

4. Bedframe Headboard

You can fit RGB strip lights behind the headboard of your bed to give it a more sophisticated look. Warm lights are perfect for bedtime as they help stimulate melatonin production, the hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycles. Installing a warm-toned RGB strip light behind your bed frame headboard will not only decorate your bed frame but also help you relax in your bedroom. 

5. Decorate Drawers

RGB strip lights can be used to decorate your drawers at home as well as the ones at your workplace. Need something to brighten up your favorite drawer? Consider outlining the inside of your drawer with a muted yellow RGB strip light. It will help you achieve your desired unique look and brighten up your drawers.

Since drawers are usually small, enclosed spaces, the RGB strip lights work well to complement them. Fitting RGB strip lights inside the drawers at your workplace will also help liven up your work surroundings and motivate you to work hard. 

Let us now learn more about RGBIC strip lights and how we can use them effectively.

When to Use RGBIC

If you have read this far, you now have some idea about the differences between RGB vs RGBIC strip lights. So far, we have discussed how you can make use of RGB strip lights. 

This section will explain in detail how you can make use of the more sophisticated light strip, the RGBIC. We have listed five ways that will help you figure out how you can decorate your home and office using RGBIC strip lights. 

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1. Highlighting Artwork

Have you ever worked on a piece of artwork for hours to bring it to life? If you have, you know how much effort it takes to finish a painting. Not to mention the messy process – there is paint everywhere! It is often difficult to remove stubborn paint stains from your clothes and other materials.

You probably breathed a sigh of relief with the final flick of the brush, but you now have to figure out how to display your artwork noticeably. Where can you frame your painting so that your hard work and the beauty of your masterpiece are evident to passersby?

If you are not so much an artist yourself, you can surely be fond of paintings. If you have ever visited an art exhibition, you know how tempting it is to get your hands on as many paintings as possible. When you have finally decided which artwork you want to buy, you now have to find a suitable place for it.

The key to making your painting more noticeable is to place it somewhere with sufficient lighting that highlights the work of art. To do that, you have to invest in appropriate lighting.  

The electrician suggested two types of LED lights, but which one do you choose? RGB vs RGBIC, which one do you think is the best fit? RGBIC strip lights are more fitting in this case because of multiple reasons. Firstly, they will help bring out the individual colors of the painting.

Since RGBIC strip lights can display multiple colors at the same time, it will be quite easy to find a strip light that coordinates with your painting. Fitting RGBIC strip lights behind your artwork will highlight each component of the masterpiece and make it more vibrant. 

rgbic vs rgb
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2. Adding to Staircase

Intricate staircases have become a common feature of modern architectural designs. The staircase accentuates the elegance of any establishment and makes it more eye-catching. You have probably seen different kinds of staircases: spiral, straight, L-shaped, arched, winder, etc. If you are looking for ways to help you adorn your staircase at home or work, there are many options available on the market.

You can choose different kinds of lighting that are designed specifically for staircases. RGBIC strip lights are ultra-bright, which is just what you need to brighten up the structure of your staircase. You can also switch the multiple colors that your strip lights will emit according to your preference – you can choose cool-toned colors during the day and warmer ones at night. 

3. Lightening Dark Corners

Finding the right kind of lighting for particular dark corners can be tricky. Not every light is suitable for this circumstance. RGBIC strip lights will help you lighten areas of your house that the sunlight can not reach. Visit the nearest electrical supplies store and buy a few pieces of these strip lights.

Adjust them according to the shape and dimensions of your staircase, and voila! You have got yourself DIY staircase lighting. Adding these strip lights to dark corners of your home or workspace will increase the radiance of these areas and improve their outlook. 

4. Decorate Living Room

Many people choose to decorate their living rooms with LED strip lights. So far, we know there are many options available to us, but we need to find the right one for us. If you want to showcase the decor of your living room, you can opt for RGBIC strip lights. Fitting RGBIC strip lights in your living room is an easy task, and you can place them wherever you fancy.

Want to explore the advantages of RGBIC strip lights? Place them behind your living room TV! Adjusting a small webcam above or beneath your TV will relay the colors on the screen to your lights. Since RGBIC can produce multiple colors simultaneously, the effect will be phenomenal. This is a unique technique to try at home and make your living room decor stand out.

rgbic vs rgb
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5. Enhance Your Wardrobe

We have discussed how you can enhance your drawers using RGB strip lights. It can be tough to decide which lighting to use for your wardrobe. Is the classic RGB strip light more suitable? Or will you take it up a notch and install RGBIC strip lights? RGB vs RGBIC strip lights, which one do you choose?

Although both strip lights are well suited for this purpose, installing RGBIC strip lights will add a unique touch to your wardrobe. You don’t have to worry about cutting the RGBIC strip lights to shape, as there is plenty of space inside your wardrobe to fit an RGBIC strip light. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, you might need more than one strip light to help you achieve a glamorous look for your wardrobe. 

The following section explores situations where people might have trouble deciding which strip light to choose. 

When to Use RGBIC Instead of RGB

If you are unsure about the kind of strip light you should use for the following purposes, this article will guide you. We will now learn about the instances when we should choose RGBIC strip lights instead of RGB strip lights and why.

Bias LED Lighting for Behind TV

As you have read earlier, you can use LED strip lights behind your TV. Doing so will give you an extraordinary experience while watching your favorite TV show or football match. Although it can be difficult to relay the colors on the screen to the strip lights using a small camera, once you have done it successfully, the trouble will all be worth it. Your family and friends will appreciate your unique taste in home decor!

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Color Photo Recognition

This unique technology will allow you to upload pictures on special apps, and the colors displayed on the photo will be relayed to your strip lights. Although it is an uncommon use of RGBIC strip lights, people who are keen to explore the multiple ways they can use RGBIC strip lights should try this out. It is a fun experience, and children are bound to be fascinated. 

Music Playlist Sync Capabilities

If you like to tap your feet to the beats of music, this option is for you. You can sync your music to RGBIC strip lights, and they will work their magic for you. Your strip lights will display multiple colors, perfectly in sync with your music. 

This way, you can immerse yourself in your favorite music and enjoy a dance of colors in the comfort of your room. Some musical devices have a small pinpoint mic on the control box, which allows the strip lights to stay in sync with the music.

rgbic vs rgb
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Can You Cut RGBIC Strip Lights?

Although the benefits of using RGBIC strip lights are endless, they lack one key feature. We can cut RGB strip lights to size at the gold markings, but unfortunately, that is not the case with typical RGBIC strip lights.

Individual IC Chips control RGBIC strip lights. Because of this, these strip lights do not have predetermined markings that indicate where to cut them. If you cut RGBIC strip lights, they will stop working, or their overall performance will be affected. Instead, try using an RGB strip light with different mode control settings.

This way, you can enjoy the benefits of RGBIC strip lights by filtering through multiple lights using only the typical RGB strip light. Although the portrayal of colors is not as smooth, the experience is quite similar. 

Can You Extend RGBIC?

You can extend RGBIC strip lights, but adding multiple strips is potentially harmful. A specific amount of voltage flows through every outlet, which is also the case for RGBIC strip lights. 

The power unit in your strip lights allows a certain amount of voltage for a limited amount of strips, and adding more strips can damage your lights. Although adding one strip won’t hurt, adding multiple can slow down the effectiveness of your strip lights. 

Can You Connect RGBIC Strip Lights?

RGBIC strip lights have specific lengths (16 feet or 32 feet). Unfortunately, they can not support multiple strips together, so they can not be connected end-to-end. However, there are many size options available. You can choose the ones that are closest to your preferred length, and buy more if necessary. 

Is RGBIC Better Than RGB Strip Light?

The debate continues. RGB vs RGBIC, which is better? The answer to this question depends on your purpose for installing these strip lights. If you are fond of colorful lighting and want to experience the fun benefits of LED lights, then RGBIC strip lights are perfect for you. If the fixed-sized of RGBIC strip lights seems inconvenient for you and you want room for customization, you can buy standard RGB lights. 

You can cut them to the length of your choice and add them where you want. Some people prefer RGB strip lights but others prefer RGBIC strip lights. It all comes down to personal preference. So, which one do you think is better? We will leave that for you to answer. 

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You will find many LED lighting brands on the market that offer LED light strips suitable for you. Depending on your requirements, consider purchasing the most common RGBIC strip lights from Govee

Polychrome Technology from Lifx and Gradient LightStrip from Philips Hue are also excellent options for you to try. With increasing consumer demand for LED strip lights, many brands are working to produce the most innovative LED lights to satisfy their customers. 

Aside from the brands mentioned in this article, you can check out LED strip lights from local brands available in your region. If you are worried about finding the right LED light for you, look into your nearest electrical supplies store and get some idea of what brands are available. We are sure you will find the most suitable LED strip light that will serve your purpose. 

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Is RGBIC better than RGB?

RGBIC (RGB with Individual Control) is an enhanced version of RGB lighting that offers individual control of each LED within a lighting fixture. This allows for more precise and customizable lighting effects compared to traditional RGB lighting, making RGBIC a preferred choice for those seeking advanced lighting options and dynamic color displays.

Is RGBW better than RGB?

RGBW (RGB with White) lighting is an expanded version of RGB lighting that includes an additional white LED. This extra white LED provides the ability to produce a dedicated white color, enhancing the overall color accuracy and versatility of the lighting system. While RGBW offers a broader range of color possibilities and the option for pure white illumination, the superiority of RGBW over RGB ultimately depends on the specific application and desired lighting effects.

Can RGBIC be cut?

RGBIC (RGB with Individual Control) lighting strips typically cannot be cut at arbitrary points without compromising their functionality. The individual control of LEDs relies on a continuous electrical circuit, and cutting the strip at random points may disrupt the signal flow and result in non-functioning or malfunctioning LEDs. If cutting is necessary, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and cut the strip only at designated cutting points, usually marked by specific solder pads or cutting lines.

What does RGBIC stand for?

RGBIC stands for u0022RGB with Individual Control.u0022 It refers to a lighting technology where each LED within an RGB lighting fixture can be individually controlled, allowing for more precise and customizable lighting effects. With RGBIC, users have the flexibility to manipulate and program each LED’s color and brightness independently, providing enhanced lighting options and dynamic color displays.

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The article explores the key differences between RGB vs RGBIC strip lights, addressing the common misconception that they are the same. By understanding the distinctions, readers can make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable strip lights for their specific lighting needs and preferences.

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