How to Make LED Lights Turn On When Door Open

Nowadays, quite a number of LED lights are made with motion sensors attached. This feature allows them to automatically trace any movements (By doors or people) and switch on. But with a little effort, we can add this feature to a regular LED light.

In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about exactly how to make led lights turn on when door open, what instruments and supplies are required for the job, why you should automate your lights, and what kind of lights can be automated. 

Why You Should Automate Your LED Lights When Door Open 

1. Energy Efficient: When we use LED lights, sometimes we forget to switch them off. It costs a lot of energy. If the Lights get automated, that would not be an issue anymore.

2. Cost Efficient: High energy consumption causes high electricity bills. Automated LED lights have an auto shut-off feature, so it reduces energy consumption. Thus it saves electricity bills.

3. Smart Home Appliance: Automated LED lights add a sophisticated touch to your cabinets, drawers, doors, and other home appliances. They make your lifestyle smarter.

4. Convenience: LED Lights shut off automatically when they are automated. Thanks to that, you don’t need to remember which switch does what.

5. Easy to Install: It does not take much effort to automate your LED lights. The installation process is not that complicated either.

6. Low Maintenance: Once you automate your lights, it does not require much maintenance afterward. Sometimes you just need to replace batteries and clean them.

7. Safety: Automated LED Lights switch on as soon as you open the door. It allows you to notice any harmful objects lying on the floor or cabinets that may injure you.

Ways To Make LED Lights Turn On When Door Open 

There are quite a number of ways how to make LED lights turn on when door opens. We got 4 of them for you-

1. Install Motion Sensor Lights:

Installing a motion sensor is the easiest and simplest way to turn your LED Light into an automated LED Light. It traces any motion and sends signals to the light as soon as it finds any motion.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

2. Install Sensor-Based System:

You can simply buy a sensor and install it in the door in a couple of seconds. They are available in both door mount and screw systems.

3. Install Stick Switches:

Installing stick switches is another way of automating LED lights which are found online. They are usually door mounted which turns the light on whenever the door is opened. 

4. Install Push Button:

Our last way to automate the LED light is to install a push button and place it in a position where it gets pressed when the door is opened.

Install Push Button

Required Tools and Supplies

You might need some instruments to automate your LED light depending on the method you choose to automate it. Here is a shortlist for you

  1. Motion Sensor kit/ Stick Switches/ Push Button
  2. Glue / Double sided sticker
  3. Duct tape
  4. Screwdriver

How to Make LED Lights Turn On When Door Open 

Follow the steps mentioned below to switch LED lights automatically when the door gets opened. These steps will help you to install a motion sensor to switch on the Lights-

Step 1: Compatibility

First, you need to get a motion sensor kit. Make sure it has a screw-in system if your existing LED has the same system.

Step 2: Precautions

Before you install it, turn the power off to the light to prevent getting electrocuted. 

Step 3: Cover 

Remove the cover of the light.

Step 4: The Insert Spot

Now remove the insert barrier if there are any. You need to put the motion sensor for the existing LED light in this spot.

Step 5: Set Up

Run the cables into the light. screw the motion detector into the light fixture itself.

Step 6: Cable Connection 

Combine the motion sensor black wire with the black wire of the existing LED. After that, join the two neutral wires

Step 7: Adjustment 

Finally, you have to adjust the sensitivity. Calibrate the detector, close it all up, and it’s finished.

Types of LED Lights You Can Use to Automate Door

Following are the types of Led lights that can be automated to switch on whenever the door opens-

3 Types of LED Lights

 Quick Tips

  1. Avoid setting up sensors in a place where babies can touch them
  2. If you are not using a water-resisting sensor, dry your hand before touching it.
  3. Clean the light and motion sensor regularly with a soft dry cloth.
  4. Replace the battery if the motion sensor stops working.
  5. Take proper precautions, and wear footwear made of rubber before touching wires.

Frequently Asked Question

Does the light bulb need to be replaced?

 If the Bulb does not light up with any movement, remove it from the holder and place it on a different holder. If it still does not work, replace the bulb. But if it does, you need to clean the sensor or change the battery.

Will it work with my garage door?

It will work on any door. Get a motion sensor kit and install it in the right spot where it will be able to trace the movements of the door.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely the best time to turn your regular LED light into a modern automated LED light. You already know how to make LED lights turn on when door opens. But once you set up your automatic LED light, whatever privilege you enjoy will strictly depend on how you take care of your lights. That aside, we always advise you to think of your safety first before dealing with any electronic accessories.

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