How Long Do LED Pool Lights Last

LED Lights are renowned for their exceptional lifespan with minimum energy consumption. LED Pool Lights usually last no less than 20,000 hours before bulb replacement is necessary. If you purchase a quality LED from a well-known brand, it can last for 10 years or more.

The longevity of your LED pool light can be affected by your proper maintenance and negligence. In this article, we are going to discuss how long do LED pool lights last, how they work,  what affects their lifespans, how you can increase their lifespan, and some safety measures.

Battery Operated LED Pool Lights

Waterproof multi-color RGB LED Pool Light. Available in 13 static colors and 4 dynamic color-changing modes.

How Does LED Pool Light Work

Any incandescent bulb emits light by allowing electricity to flow through an internal filament. But LED lights have no filament. Rather they have tiny, light-throwing semiconductors. The LED is illuminated by an electrical current that passes via a microchip. LED pool lights also come with built-in heat sinks to help them stay cool while also boosting their luminosity.

How Does LED Pool Light Work

What Affects LED Pool Lights Lifespan

The way an LED is utilized has a significant impact on its longevity. The lifespan of an LED light can be impacted by the location, current, temperature, frequency of use, and even the manner the light is used. Following is the list of things that can affect the lifespan of your LED pool lights.

1. Heat: LED lights are prone to Intense heat, much like the majority of electrical products. LED lights perform at their peak if the temperature remains below 75 degrees. But when exposed to extreme heat due to sunlight, the temperature of the semiconducting element within the LED also increases, which reduces the lifespan of the LED pool lights. The cold temperature on the other hand extends their lifespan.

2. Excessive Usage: Keeping LED pool lights switched on 24/7 can reduce their lifespan significantly. 

3. Higher Currents: If you are running LED pool lights in higher currents than required, then it can cut down the longevity of your LED. When an LED light is operated with an excessive electrical current, it will glow brighter in an effort to utilize all of the energy being received by the circuit. This reduces not only the lifespan of the light, but also it can also cause the light fixture and the LED circuit to overheat and burn out.

4. Heat Sinks: A heat sink is a component that is widely used in LED lights. By absorbing and dispersing extra heat, it cools the LED’s internal parts and circuitry. The better the quality of the heat sink equipped with an LED pool light, the longer its lifespan gets.

5. Voltage: Regular voltage fluctuation can also reduce any electrical device’s lifespan. lightning, strong winds, trees or animals touching the power lines and even accidents involving these power lines can fluctuate voltage. 

6. Quality: The quality of your LED pool light is directly related to its longevity. In a bargain shop, you may find some extremely cheap LED pool lights with no brand name. There is a high chance that they are made of cheap materials and have no heat sinks. They last way shorter than an average-quality LED pool light.

7. Incompatible Dimmer Switch: If you are using an LED pool light that is incompatible with a dimmer switch, it may play a significant role in shortening your LED’s lifespan. 

How To Increase LED Pool Lights Lifespan 

There are a couple of things you can make sure to prolong your LED pool light’s lifespan., you won’t need to bother thinking how long do LED pool lights last anymore if you take care of following steps- 

1. Avoid Frequent Switching On/Off 

According to studies, switching an LED light on and off repeatedly shortens its lifespan. By lowering the frequency at which your LED pool lights are turned on and off, you may increase their lifespan.

2. Set-Up

When you set up your pool lights, make sure they don’t get heated directly from sunlight. Or at least cover them in the daytime, when you don’t use them.

3. Foreign Objects

Ensure that no flammable object is in close proximity to the LED pool light, or an object obstructing the light from the source, and inadvertently preventing the dispersion of heat.

4. Authentic manufacturer

Buy a LED pool light from a rated manufacturer to ensure proper components are being used in the light. Avoid buying cheap LED lights from an unknown brand. 

5. Stabilizer

To prevent voltage fluctuation, use a Voltage stabilizer especially if your LED pool light is very expensive. Place it in a compartment where water can not reach.

6. Heat Sink

Avoid buying an LED pool light that does not come with a heat sink. Otherwise, your light will get overheated. 

7. Usage 

Keeping your LED pool light on 24/7 can shorten its lifetime. Make sure to switch them off when you don’t use them

8. Dimmer Switch

If you want the dimming effect either you need to use dimmable LEDs or change your phase-dimmers switches and install LED-compatible dimmers.

9. Regular checkup

Ensure regular checkups to look for any cracks on the glass or any foreign objects inside the glass and check their performance to expand their lifespan.

10. Specifications

The best way to expand your LED pool light is to check and follow the manufacturer’s specifications.

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Frequently Asked Question

Do pool lights burn out?

Your pool lights will eventually burn out much like your home’s light bulbs. You should contact a professional to check the issue if you install new bulbs and ultimately burn them out. If your pool lights burn out before the suggested time, you know there is a serious issue.

What causes the pool light to malfunction?

There are a few reasons. Some of them are a burned-out pool light bulb, water inside the fixture, and bad GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).

Do pool lights dim over time?

The thick rubber of the gasket may deteriorate over time. Chlorine and other pool chemicals can corrode the seal, allowing water to enter the housing and shorting out the light.

Final Words

LED pool light is a creative way to make your night swim experience exotic. How long do LED pool lights last is determined by the way you use them, usage amount, set-up location, and the seller you purchase them from? They can last up to 7-15 years depending on their qualities. But remember that water and electricity are a deadly combination. Have anything that seems dubious or potentially dangerous checked out right away to ensure your own safety.

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