Best monitor light: a detailed guide

A monitor light bar, sometimes referred to as a screen bar, will enhance your workspace if you use an external monitor and work late into the night. A high-quality monitor light bar illuminates your workspace uniformly and keeps the screen from glaring.

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This implies that you can see everything on your desk even if you turn off the ambient lighting. Your eyes will be subjected to less strain as a result.

Most monitor light bars allow you to adjust brightness andcolor temperature. This article will focus on the Best monitor light bars available.

BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light, LED Computer Monitor LampStyle: ScreenBar
Brand: BenQ
Color: Black
Product Dimensions:4″D x 18″W x 4″H
Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light BarStyle: Modern
Brand: Xiaomi
Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 17.6″D x 0.9″W x 0.9″H
BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Monitor LightStyle: Controller
Brand: BenQ
Color: Gray
Product Dimensions: 19.7″D x 3.82″W x 3.73″H
HumanCentric Video Conference LightingBrand: HumanCentric
Connectivity Technology: USB
Hardware Interface: USB Type C, USB
Has Self-Timer: No
Water Resistance Level: Not Water Resistant
Neatfi XL 2,500 Lumens LED Task LampStyle: Non-CCT, Black
Brand: Neatfi
Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 37.4″D x 22.04″W x 32.28″H
Special Feature: Dimmable
MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar for Curved MonitorStyle: BASIC
Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 21.6″D x 5.7″W x 1.18″H
EPABINA Transformable LED Desk LampStyle: Utility
Color: Black+6 rotatable parts
Product Dimensions: 41.49″D x 2.36″W x 39.76″H
Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 7.7″D x 31.5″W x 31.5″H
Special Feature: dimmable
Light Source Type: LED

Best monitor light bars: features and reviews

Below are the best monitor light bars available.

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BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light bar, LED Computer Monitor Lamp

This monitor light bar is a high-end light bar that may be of interest to you. The light bar produces ideal ambient illumination for working, studying, and gaming. The total light output is 500 Lux, with up to 900 Lux center lighting. Depending on what you need, you may adjust the color to achieve either warm light or cool light.

The light bar has an ambient light sensor built in, which senses the brightness of the environment and adds just the perfect amount of light for a workspace making it good for your eyes. This light bar has BenQ’s unique asymmetrical optical design, which guarantees that there is no reflecting glare off the screen and simply lights the desk.

This light bar is only compatible with monitors that have bezels wider than 0.8cm (0.32-inch), therefore if you have a monitor with ultra-slim bezels, it may not be suitable for you.


  • this light bar fits curved monitors properly
  • space-saving design
  • auto-dimming mode
  • no screen glare


  • this light bar is expensive
  • not the best choice for small monitors

Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

The Xiaomi Mi computer monitor light bar is one of the best monitor light bars available in 2023. This light bar is the ideal addition to any desk setup because it is compatible with both curved monitors and flat monitors. The fact that this light bar isn’t fixed to the stand is one of its advantages. You can take the light bar off the stand whenever necessary because it is magnetically attached to it.

The circular remote control, which makes it simple to change the light’s temperature and screen’s brightness, is the most appealing feature of this light bar. This implies that you won’t need to search for the touch controls above the light bar.

Please take note that a few consumers have pointed out that this light bar doesn’t function well with ultra-slim monitors.


  • decent price
  • excellent design
  • includes a useful wireless remote
  • durable and user-friendly magnetic rotating base


  • the light bar has no controls
  • the mounts are not as effective on curved backs as they are on flat screens

BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Monitor Light

This is an excellent choice for anybody looking to use both a light bar and a webcam, however, it also has a ton of additional features that contribute to making it an outstanding premium option.

Certain characteristics are shared between this light bar and the original ScreenBar, including multiple adjustments for brightness and color temperature, an asymmetrical optical design to reduce glare, and auto-dimming to 500 lux. Depending on your requirements, you may adjust the color to achieve either warm light or cool light.

Two features that set this light bar apart are its convenient wireless controller and built-in backlight.

Both the front and rear lights have adjustable color temperature and brightness. Moreover, you may conveniently switch between three distinct eye care modes that make use of both lights, only the front light, or only the backlight. It is quite preferable to use only the front light when working during the day, and only the backlight when playing games at night.


  • built-in backlight
  • this light bar is compatible with nearly all monitors, including curved monitors
  • adjustable color temperature and brightness
  • no screen glare


  • this light bar is extremely expensive compared to other light bars
  • the light bar has no controls

HumanCentric Video Conference Lighting

This is the first extendable low-profile video conference lighting system in the world. It helps you look natural during video conferences. Ideal for streaming, Zoom calls, online classes, video conferences, and more.

With a webcam-style attachment for simple setup and takedown, it has adjustable brightness and color temperature settings to fit your skin tone and room.


  • decent price
  • user-friendly
  • provides a balanced, well-lit view


  • no remote control
  • it’s not a smart light bar

Neatfi XL 2,500 Lumens LED Task Lamp

Would you like to purchase a lamp that can completely illuminate your desk or workbench? With 117 surface-mounted LEDs, this product produces an incredible 2200 lumens of light, providing a wide, uniform field of light from its 20′′ diffusion shade. There are four brightness settings to select from and plenty of adjustment options available with its 32′′ arms.

This lamp works well with a variety of desk types because it includes an elegant clamp that won’t damage your furniture.


  • comfortable and safe illumination
  • user-friendly


  • very expensive

MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar

This budget monitor light bar is unique because of its innovative curved form, which conveniently fits well on top of the screens of most curved monitors (>1000R).

It offers gentle, adjustable lighting to make working more enjoyable, lessen eye strain, and enhance visibility in low light.

The pro version comes with a wireless remote control that lets you adjust the color temperature and dimming to suit your preferences. This feature is great for both bright and poorly lit areas.


  • wireless remote
  • spectacular steeples dimming
  • decently priced
  • adjustable color temperature


  • remote control is sometimes slow and unresponsive

EPABINA Transformable LED Desk Lamp

This home office desk lamp has three extremely bright light bar designs and six highly damped joints. The two connecting panels may be rotated by 260°, and the two 7-inch light bars by 290°.

They have eye-friendly technology built-in to provide a glare- and flicker-free experience that can prevent eye fatigue while working.


  • zero screen glare
  • decent price


  • not the most aesthetically pleasing
  • the lights droop when they are fully extended


High-quality lighting is provided by this desk lamp. Because of its ultra-wide design, this lamp emits a large blanket of light that can illuminate every part of your keyboard, notebook, and desk setup instead of just one focused beam.

This is excellent for long-term work since it offers greater illumination coverage and optimal visibility.


  • decent price
  • highly durable


  • neck length is a little too short

What is a monitor light bar?

A computer monitor light bar is a device that sits on top of your computer screen and provides extra light to improve your vision in darker environments.

Unlike other regular lights, a light bar doesn’t occupy much space or cause clutter, making it an alternative to typical table lamp types.

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In addition, a light bar has more adjustment options compared to other desk lamps, including brightness levels, hue adjustments, and an auto-dimming mode.

The primary distinction lies in the way the light bar illuminates the workspace, eliminating reflective glare caused by light reflection on the screen.

As a result of the light’s asymmetrical path, there is less glare on your screen, which enhances overall lighting conditions without affecting brightness, color representation, or reflection.

Advantages of using a monitor light bar

Below are the benefits of a monitor light bar.

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Efficient and pleasant lighting

Light bars provide many benefits when it comes to comfortable and effective lighting. You may adjust the light levels in your workstation for optimal productivity because of the dimmable options. It’s amazing that some versions even include an integrated ambient light sensor that regulates brightness.

Most light bars also have several color temperature settings, which helps lessen eye strain when using a computer for prolonged periods.


Because of its slim size, a monitor light bar offers more versatility compared to alternative illumination options like desk lights or overhead fixtures! This makes a light bar incredibly space-efficient and suitable for people who are minimalists or have limited space.

Most monitor light bar models are powered by USB connections rather than electrical wires, which also reduces clutter on your desk.

Things to consider when buying a monitor light bar

Consider the following factors when purchasing a monitor light bar.

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Build quality

The build quality of a monitor light bar is usually proportional to the cost.

Control interface

How you switch your monitor light bar on and off matters a lot. This control needs to be easy to operate and convenient because you reach for it every time you use your workstation.

These days, controller monitor light bars are widely available at extremely cheap prices. Using the separate controller eliminates the need for the user to tap the monitor light bar that is positioned above their monitor, possibly knocking it off its original position.

Monitor compatibility

Nowadays, monitors are available in several sizes and shapes. The likelihood of better compatibility is much higher for monitor light bar brands that consider this. Most light bars display the top monitor dimensions that they are compatible with.

Maximum brightness

Most light bars are USB port-powered. This implies that the light bar can be instantly connected to your computer or power bank. This indicates that they are relatively low-powered gadgets.

The brightness of low-powered LED desk lights is limited. Enough light should be available to illuminate your entire workspace if your desk is large. One major issue with a low-cost monitor light bar is its inability to maximize light output while consuming minimal power.

Webcam compatibility

Monitor light bars have a major drawback: they occupy the space normally occupied by webcams. There are, however, several methods to use a webcam with a monitor light bar. If you work from home or you are a contractor who frequently makes use of a webcam, you are going to require a light bar that accommodates this.

Positioning the webcam directly above the light bar has proven to be effective for certain individuals.

Why does blue light result in fatigue and strained eyes?

Blue light is useful in the daytime, however, at night it might mess with your circadian cycles and sleep schedule. A useful tip for lessening eye strain is to wear glasses that block blue light.

Is it possible to fix a defective monitor light bar?

If your light bar isn’t working, there may be malfunctioning wires. If you lack the necessary technical expertise, you might want to consider hiring a qualified technician to fix the internal cables. The longevity of the LEDs on the light panel varies depending on the model. It’s advisable to change the light bar if they stop working because fixing them can be difficult.

Can monitor light bars help with eye strain?

Yes, indeed! Even though it might seem paradoxical, a light bar can provide additional light so that your eyes won’t have to persistently adjust to the brightness of your screen as the surrounding light changes throughout the day.

Are light bars a great investment?

Aside from making your work environment more stylish, they also lessen eye strain. Most of them have an asymmetric forward projection design that illuminates your desk area rather than your screen to reduce glare. They also feature a swivel head that lets you focus light where it’s most needed for optimal productivity.

They are effective for conserving space because, unlike regular lamps, they are installed on top of the screen.


BenQ ScreenBar Halo is the best option overall. Unfortunately, this is also the most costly option. Certain individuals might not be able to afford it, particularly if this is their first purchase.

Proper workspace lighting should never be disregarded. Unfortunately, it’s linked to long-term consequences like eye strain and migraines. Most monitor light bars allow you to adjust brightness and color temperature.

Carefully reading through this article, I hope it’s easier for you to decide on your favorite monitor light bars that best suit your desk setup.