How to Change Bathroom Ceiling Light Bulb

After a long and busy day, the only thing everyone wants to do is come back home and wind down. Imagine going to your bathroom to freshen up and all of a sudden, the bathroom light isn’t turning on. 

You keep turning the switch on and off, you check the main fuse box and everything seems alright. You come to the conclusion that the bulb has stopped working.

How to Change Bathroom Ceiling Light Bulb

Well, no need to worry. With the help of a new replacement bulb, a few simple tools, and our guide on how to change bathroom ceiling light bulb, you’ll get your bathroom illuminated again in no time. 

In addition to replacing broken bulbs, there are also other reasons why you might consider changing your bathroom light. Whether you want a different type of light, a change in brightness, or just regular maintenance, this guide will make the process simple for you.

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Reasons to Change Bathroom Ceiling Light Bulb 

1. Your Bulb Stopped Working: Well, the first and most common reason you’re thinking of how to change bathroom ceiling light bulb is the fact that your bulb stopped working. 

Like most electrical products, light bulbs also have an expiry date. With continuous use, the bulb goes through the usual wear and tear. This results in the components eventually giving out.

If you’re using a traditional incandescent light bulb, the lifespan of it will be even lower.

2. Your Bulb Started Flickering: If your bulb is still working but is occasionally or constantly flickering, chances are it is on its last legs. 

As these bulbs are relatively cheap, this also means that it is not worth it to try and fix it. Instead, your best option is to just go and get a new one. 

Before you do replace the bulb, check the holder to see if there is any fault in the wiring or if the bulb is loosely connected.

3. Your Bulb Isn’t Bright Enough or Is Too Bright: The wattage or brightness of your bulb needs to be capable enough to sufficiently illuminate your bathroom. 

Therefore, if you have a large bathroom you’ll need to use a bulb with a higher wattage. 

Bulb Isn’t Bright Enough or Is Too Bright

4. Your Bulb is Getting Hot: Although traditional bulbs are supposed to get hot, sometimes due to some electrical fault these bulbs can get extremely hot. 

If your bulb is running too hot, you may notice it flickering. The surrounding areas of the bulb will also get very hot.

It is smart to replace a bulb like this as soon as possible, as there is a high chance the bulb may burn up and damage the holder and the wiring.

5. You Want to Lower Your Electric Bills: With new and incoming technology, electrical appliances get more and more efficient. This means that modern lighting technology is much better at conserving energy, which makes them cheaper to run.

As a result, replacing a traditional incandescent bulb with a modern one would definitely save you money on your electric bill. 

6. You Want to Use LED Bulbs: Another reason you may want to look at how to change bathroom ceiling light bulb is that you want to switch to LED bulbs.

Compared to incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs consume a lot less electricity as well as last much longer. In addition, LED bulbs generate a lot less heat, which reduces the risk of fire hazards.

7. You Want to Use Smart Bulbs: Smart bulbs work the same way, but the best part about them is the fact that they can be controlled remotely using your smart device. 

They are also compatible with home assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

You Want to Use Smart Bulbs

8. You Want to Change the Color Temperature: Various research has shown that white light of different color temperatures can generate different hormones in the human brain.

Warmer color temperatures help us relax whereas cooler temperatures keep us focused. 

This is why a bulb with a warm color temperature would be appropriate for the bathroom.

9. You Want to Change the Type of Light: If you want to experiment with different types of lights instead of the clear transparent ones, consider fluorescent bulbs. Consider even installing lights with fogged covers, as they provide a less focused and more ambient light.

10. You’re Remodeling your Bathroom: If you’re rebuilding or restructuring your house and your new bathroom is different in terms of size, changing to a bulb with an appropriate wattage would be ideal.

Tools You’ll be Needing

  • Replacement bulb
  • Screwdriver optional
  • Ladder (or something secure to climb up on)
  • Work gloves
  • Dry towel or paper towel
  • Alcohol-based cleaner

Process: How to Change Bathroom Ceiling Light Bulb 

Step 1: Prepare Your New Bulb

The first step in how to change bathroom ceiling light bulb is choosing the correct replacement bulb. 

Make sure the bulb is of your desired wattage and is bright enough to illuminate your bathroom. In addition, make sure the base of the bulb is compatible with the socket.

Step 2: Turn Off The Power

In addition to turning off the light switch, make sure to also turn off the mains from the breaker box or the fuse box. This will allow for maximum safety.

turning off the power

Step 3: Remove The Cover

Once you’ve placed the ladder securely under the light fixture, carefully get on it and remove the light cover. 

Depending on the cover, you can just twist it open or take the screws off using a screwdriver.

Step 4: Clean The Cover

First, use a dry or a paper towel to clean the loose dust from both inside and outside the light cover

Once that is off, use an alcohol-based cleaning agent and a cloth to clean any dirt still left in there. We recommend not using water-based cleaners, as they take quite some time to dry and can be an electrical hazard. 

Step 5: Remove The Old Bulb

Wearing any kind of nonconductive glove, carefully remove the old bulb. Depending on the kind of bulb, the process of removing the bulb will be different. 

Once removed, place the bulb in a secure spot where it will not break. Follow appropriate methods for recycling or disposing of the bulb. 

Step 6: Attach The New Bulb

Once you’ve taken the new bulb out of the packaging, carefully insert the bulb in the socket.

Check to make sure the bulb is securely connected to the socket. 

attaching the new bulb

Step 7: Turn On Power and Check

Before you put the cover back on, first test to see if the light is working. Carefully turn the switch on in the breaker box. 

Now turn on the light switch and make sure it’s lit up properly. Wait some time to see if the light doesn’t get too hot.

Step 8: Attach The Cover

Once the light is up and working properly, carefully put the cover back on. Make sure the cover is secured to the ceiling properly.

Mistakes to Avoid While Changing Bathroom Ceiling Light Bulb

1. Not Checking the Wattage

Before you buy the bulb, make sure to figure out the correct wattage for your bathroom. 

It is a common mistake to just install a new bulb with the same wattage, which may not be the most suitable option.

Measure the dimensions of your bathroom and perform thorough research to find the correct wattage. Check the packaging of the bulb to see if that is the intended wattage.

2. Not Checking the Fixture

Sometimes, the existing bulb stops working not because of an issue with the bulb, but with the fixture. 

If your bulb fixture is old and rusty, it may be causing your bulbs to wear out too quickly. Using a dry brush, clean the fixture properly. 

Checking Light Fixture

If you suspect any electrical shortage, very carefully turn the power back on and use a voltage tester to see if the current is flowing through the fixture. This can be extremely dangerous, so consider contacting a professional electrician to get it fixed.

3. Not Checking the Wiring

Electrical wires can get damaged over time due to insects, moisture, overload, etc. Carefully inspect the wire after taking the cover off.

If you see any ruptures or faults in the wires, consider replacing them as soon as possible. 

4. Not Making Sure the Power is Off

This is an obvious one. However, it is of extreme importance that you make sure the power is turned off before you even touch any of the electrical components. 

Turn off the breaker box as well as every switch in the area you’ll be working in. 

5. Cleaning the Cover Incorrectly

One thing people commonly get wrong when considering how to change bathroom ceiling light bulb is using the correct cleaning method when cleaning the light covers.

In addition to wiping off the loose dirt, it’s common to use liquid cleaning agents to remove the stains and dirt that doesn’t come off easily.

Too often people use water-based cleaners, which should not be done. In addition to increasing risks of electrocution, they can also cause rusting or oxidation to your fixture.

Always use alcohol-based cleaners, as they dry off very quickly without leaving any residue. 

6. Buying a Bulb with the Wrong Base

As bulbs come with different bases or bottoms, make sure to purchase a bulb that will fit the socket installed in your ceiling. 

Most bulbs these days have a screw base, however, screw bases come in multiple diameters.

Buying a Bulb with the Wrong Base

7. Not Checking the Bulb Specifications

Installing a bulb with the incorrect specifications may cause your bulb to wear out too quickly, or may even cause the bulb to burn out the moment you turn the switch on.

8. Not Checking the Color Temperature

If you’re changing the light bulb because you want a light with a different color temperature, make sure the new bulb has the exact color temperature you want.

The packaging will usually have the shade of the color temperature, but it may not look the same once you turn it on. Look online to know the exact shade of the light.

How to Choose Bathroom Ceiling Light Bulbs 

There are a few things you need to consider before you select the correct light for your bathroom. 

First, measure how big your bathroom is. Then research the internet to find out what wattage bulb would be the most appropriate for a room that size. 

Then think about what kind of lighting you want. If you want a more ambient soft light, go for a light with a translucent shell. 

If you want a focused light that illuminates a specific area, go for a transparent shell.

How to Remove a No-Screw Bathroom Light Fixture Cover

As far as screw less light covers go, there are a few variations out there. Most of the covers come with spiral grooves that allow you to just twist them on or off.

Some covers have clips that click on to attach the covers. You can take these covers off by pressing gently on the sides to squeeze the cover a little and comes right off.

You can also find covers with springs that can just be pressed upward and removed. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install Bathroom Ceiling Light

Other than the cost of buying the replacement bulb, replacing your bathroom ceiling light isn’t expensive at all.

However, this is only true for a regular bulb replacement. If you find a fault with the fixture or the wiring, you’re probably looking at additional costs for fixing those. 

Do You Need A Special Light For The Bathroom?

Not really. You can just use a regular light bulb for lighting up your bathroom. However, there are special lights if you want to light your bathroom a certain way.


That’s all for our guide on how to change bathroom ceiling light bulb. As long as you follow the steps provided correctly, you should have no problem switching the bulbs. 

Just remember, safety should always be your number one priority. Perform multiple checks to see if the power is turned off. Make sure whatever you’re climbing up on is securely placed.

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